Martin Krykorka was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia and emigrated with his family to Canada at the age of six. He studied illustration at Sheridan College in Ontario. After graduating, he relocated to Vancouver, participating in several group exhibitions with local painters and photographers. In 2012 he moved to New Brunswick with his partner Venessa, where they started an organic farm. This drastic shift of location and lifestyle has had a tangible effect on Martin’s production, resulting in a body of work with both urban and rural influences.


This work is the result of years of careful observation of the facets of nature which inspire awe. The mood and textures of these elusive moments is captured in paint in an attempt to synthesize the sublime.
Using plywood as a painting surface is well-considered; on the practical side, it is widely available, easily salvaged, extremely durable and lends itself to certain physical effects which a canvas would never survive. On the conceptual, this ubiquitous building material is a fragment of our wilderness. Covering it with shapes and colours that mimic nature is an acknowledgement of the industrial reality that is widespread in a country that often confuses landscapes with resources.

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